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Our History

Power Connection was birthed out of Living Water Community Church in August of 2003. Parishioners and staff dealing with benevolence saw a long line of people needing continual assistance. These people had the desire to work, but because of varying circumstances, they could not obtain the necessary training to apply for jobs that would support their families. We had a desire to start a training center to allow individuals the opportunity to gain control over their circumstance and exit the cycle of need. We approached a business owner because of his interest in putting people to work. He offered to allow us to base the training center out of the complex he built. With the blessings of the church, this partnership was conceived. Power Connection was granted a 501(c) (3) not for profit in October 2003.

Although we live in a community that is economically prospering, a segment of the population has not benefited from this prosperity. This group lacks the education and training that would allow them to propel themselves out of the cycle of poverty. While they desire to improve themselves, seemingly insurmountable obstacles exist. Power Connection was created to assist under-trained, underpaid and overlooked individuals in eliminating some of those barriers, thus allowing them to become self-sufficient.